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Ten Steps to Landing Change Well

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Change is hard. For more than a decade, I’ve used that simple reminder to start every discovery and transformation engagement. Even with that warning in mind, those responsible for leading change will often underestimate just how hard it can be to land meaningful change well. Change is a very personal thing. In general, people will […]

Customer Collaboration with Innovation Games

by in Scrum Master

Photo Credit : Play In Business Market Research in Business Organizations Business Organizations engage in market research to get information about their customers and how their products are faring with the customers. Market research could extend beyond present customers, to potential customers to find information about the buyer’s persona and the target audience. This could […]


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BUILDING A PRODUCT MANAGEMENT FUNCTION THAT DELIVERS EFFICIENCY. Holistic product management is leading a product from idea or need creation to monitoring the product in the market and beyond, this is more than product backlog management. The process requires managing all the teams involved at all stages to buy into the vision of the product […]

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