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Valuable Lessons for Product Managers— Part 1

by in Agile, Product Management, Product Owner/ Product Manager

There is always another way. Every problem can be solved in multiple ways. Here is the thing about the problem; it appears different to different people. Most people react to the problem’s symptoms, which means that different people can experience different symptoms. Sometimes you try to solve the symptoms for a certain group of people. […]

Valuable Lessons for Product Managers — Part 2

by in Agile, Product Management, Product Owner/ Product Manager, Project Management

Innovation needs an entrepreneurial mindset. Innovation is a change that unlocks new values Don’t get me wrong, (here) I am, not saying you shouldn’t be data-driven. Being data-driven will help you make decisions based on facts. What I am saying is Innovation needs looking beyond data. Analyzing deeper/wider context than what is in front of […]

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