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Agile Transformation

The introduction of technology into every facet of business has necessitated the need to change cooperate culture and adopt new ways of working that will bring the needed organisational growth and survival. Agile practices and methodologies have become relevant to most organisations, and has been adopted to navigate digital transformation challenges and drive their business forward.


The agile approach to innovation and software development initially gained popularity in the technology sector but has since been adopted by a wide range of industries. As the name implies, agile emphasises speed and flexibility, along with a strong customer focus. This growing recognition of its transformational benefit, made it a unique business model to adopt at the enterprise level for efficient anticipation and response to industry evolution and economic conditions. The move to an agile operating model is tough, most organisations still face unique challenges adopting agile as an operating model and new way of working.

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LITT has been researching into various frameworks that can help with addressing these challenges and discovered the positive business outcomes organisations around the world are achieving from adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).Whilst many of the challenges that different organisations face in implementing Agile are often the same, the solutions to those challenges are like the organisations themselves, always unique. Moreover, organisations and circumstances change so what is the best solution today is unlikely to be the best solution tomorrow. With this in mind, the LITT approach emphasises, above all else, the importance of continuous evolutionary improvement.


We understand that what is right for one organisation or project is not necessarily right for another, and so LITT will help you select, tailor, define and implement the best Lean and Agile approach for your business circumstances. This will be achieved using the following steps;

  • Strategy and Organisational Agile Leadership
  • Business Analysis and Agile Pilot
  • Scaling Agile and SAFe® Training
  • Coaching and Operational Excellence
agile transformation