Carlos is a technology and business coach who has proven experience working with organizations undergoing transformation. He works with people and teams to develop creative thinking and new perspectives to achieving organizational objectives. With strong technology experience he can guide the technology teams to adopt new practices and provide guidance software practices. He has a mindset of always getting things automated to make life easier. He consults for business organizations; in digital transformations, processes engineering, data auditing and systems development. He applies the principles of Scaled Agile Framework in business processes and operations as well as in systems development.Carlos has a passion to learn, teach and share his knowledge through coaching and mentoring. He is a part-time lecturer for the past 12 years in higher level educational institutions. He delivers engaging corporate training for organizations. His teaching methods are practical and learner-centered; usually incorporating a flip teaching/learning model with lots of feedback. He tries to understand the background of the learners and tailors the lesson to suit the learners.

SPC, FHEA, Agile Consultant, IT Analyst, PhD Student (VIT)